Black butler rp part 1

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Black butler rp part 1

Question 1: Ok, so you arrive at the Phantomhive caridge.Who do you see?

Question 2: You step out and greet the person that you saw, The bowed down to you and said ,"Welcome, i am ______(who ever you want)and i will take you to your room." they said walking into the castle you following. What do you see?

Question 3: Who ever you saw or what ever you saw you ask the person who you are following,"

Question 4: You asked what ever and the person said "You are here to meet ciel and you will be staying upstairs."

Question 5: (sorry it is so small)You go up to a room and sit down. the person leaves and sebastian walks in (if you alredy had sebastian then keep reading anyway) "Would you like a bath?" he said you anwser